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About us

Serving Communities 

Our vision is intended to serve, pay it forward, engage, and support a broad sphere of operational requirements.  We specialize in the analysis, design; development, implementation, and evaluation of systems that support and improve human performance in the operative environment.  We use the scientific disciplines of human performance integration, ergonomics and biomechanics to drive the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system.  Organizationally we are data driven and apply theory, principles and other methods to design and develop the most advanced operational devices in order to optimize human capability and overall system performance.

Our goals

To place this modular, light weight, unlimited "Tool Box" in the hands of all of our First Responders and Military Operators’ so that it saves lives, relieves the burden of pain, and provides an undeniable multi-functioning advantage for our warriors! Asymmetrical application for combat conditioning: i.e. When there is no time to prepare.

Creating products that are:

  1. Simple

  2. ​Kinetic

  3. Modular

  4. Multifuncntional

  5. Enhanced

  6. Capabilities

Our approach

Organic Mindset

We involve the current stake holders we serve. The cornerstone of our energies and efforts stems from a need. That demand is measured with great significance.  

SERE Industries is a committed organization driven by core values. We employ these core values at all levels of our organization. 

We specialize in the analysis, design, development, implementation, test and evaluation of innovative advanced tactical systems that support and improve human performance integration in the operational environment.

  • Innovate
  • Planning
  • Test
  • Analysis

 SII is focused on maximizing the value of its products through operator feedback and testing. Leveraging the advantages of investment casting for the production of your products.

Our Team

All of the Brothers Who Served & Continue to Serve

Each one of you.

" There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own."                 -Edwin Markham - 



The success of SERE is a direct result of all the contributions, ideas, energies, efforts and collective support. " The achievements of an organization are the results of a combined effort of each individual."  -  Vince Lombardi 



Strategic Position


SERE's foundational expectation is higher as we serve the communities that we served within. We are driven to do more. Our focus is primarily based on human performance and itegration by creating products that have flexibility, functionality and provide pragmatic factoring.


Strict departure from the "Status Quo" We develop and market unique products for different customer segments that leverage individual skill sets and cultivate operator ingenuity.

Process Improvement

We identify inefficiencies and implement stake holder improvement programs.


  • Sustainable
  • Comprehensive
  • Value
  • Fusion
  • Applications
  • Scientific
  • Materials
  • Simplicity
  • Weight
  • Cost


"As a Marine Corps Senior Leader for 32 years, I have never endorsed a single product.  Saying that, however, I have no choice but to do it now.  The “Adult Leatherman” as I call it; the OM27-S is by far the most common sense, practical and tactical item I have ever seen.  I’m passionately here to express that in the fog of war when lives are on the line, imagine having access to a tool that can do it all!  As a Marine Sniper for over 25 years, they called me a “combat multiplier”, well this tool is a “force multiplier.” I’ve shot off it, I’ve dug a hole is less time, it was used as an IV pole and I even used this tool as a ladder. But, besides the various functions that it can perform, it’s the deployment of it that I am really excited about.  Imagine individual operators having multiple capabilities that they never had before. No more waiting and relying on those that have the right equipment. We know that time is blood and time is something this tool provides in a pinch.  Lastly, spread loading this tool will distribute weight evenly, as it replaces bulky, heavier present day equipment. I wish I had this tool with all my Marines in the Battle of Fallujah in 2004.  Could more lives have been saved if we had this tool’s capabilities in our squads?   ABSOLUTELY! "

Sergeant Major (Retired)

Bill Skiles

United States Marine Corps