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The Stainless Steel SERE OM27-S provides modular functionality, surgical performance, & enhanced capabilities that augment war-fighter performance, effectiveness, and efficiency while allowing the operator to maintain rigid flexibility in support of all types of terrain and environments. 

"There was a real need need which had been unresolved for far too long.  After a thorough examination of personal global career experiences through the United States Marines Corps, Law Enforcement, Dignitary Protection, and education in regard to the current operational requisites, I saw a significant solution to a dynamic need.  It is one that reaches far beyond the obvious issues associated with increased operational effectiveness in both short and prolonged sustainable operations. Missions and operators worldwide, especially subterranean and dense urban environments needed a light weight multi-functioning contingency  tool, to maximize performance and add strategic value in up-tempo operations.  I wanted to provide a suite of tools that mitigate the impact of exposure while allowing the operator to quickly move through the “OODA” Loop!"

                                                                             Tim Langan Founder

Every human being faces limitations however, its individual ingenuity, and the adaptability to change that creates a formidable solution. Consequently the SERE OM27 S conquers the spirit of resourcefulness.