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What we offer

  • Stainless Steel
  • SAE Aerospace  17-4 
  • RTP 2800 B 
  • Thermoplastic Sub-zero 
  • (-60 to 160 degrees)
  • Power Coated
  • Non Reflective
  • Color Variation
  • Black Oxide (Standard)
  • AS7003 Compliant
  • Manufactured in USA 
  • 72,000 LBS Yield Strength
  • Personalization
  • Catagory Evolution
  • Interface Improvements

Military Purchases Reference Numbers and Nomenclature


NAICS Code 332216

NSN 5180-01-677-4210


Part Number ( "SERE U.S. 300"  P/N 2018--300-001 ) SUBTERRANEAN - URBAN DENSE KIT

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Featured SERE Products

OS 100 Operational Multipurpose Bar

Odin’s Staff   (Moniker)

In Old Norse texts and battles throughout history the staff has been an essential tool for survival since early man. According to folklore Odin "rules war and gives people strength against the enemy" His staff was mythical and yelded great power. Many cultures have their unique version of the staff. The origin of this unique multipurpose bar transcends time as an essential tool for survival. SERE captures the essence of legend and the mystery of warrior culture past and present by creating a 5th generation piece of equipment that is engineered and designed to perform a mutitude of functions during up tempo operations or measured movement.

OM 500 (SVBS) Versatile Breaching System

Odins Mjölnir  (Moniker)

The Hammer is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains. In the Old Norse texts, Mjölnir is identified as hamarr "a hammer". In May 2013 the "Hammer of Thor" was added to the list of United States Department of Veterans Affairs emblems for headstones and markers. Mjölnir is a symbol of honor and virtue, making it an appealing icon for American soldiers. SERE Industries forged the OM500 to match the  ferocity, strength and resolve deicated to those who protect and sacrafice all.

OG-1 Multipurpose Survival Tool

Odins Gungnir - Spear- (Moniker)

"In his hand Odin generally carried the infallible spear Gungnir, which was so sacred that an oath sworn upon its point could never be broken....." This no-nonsense life saving tool can help to BREACH, BREAK, FORCE, PRY, PIERCE or SLAM & RAM for quick and decisive exit in an emergency situation. SERE Industries engineered  a one of kind multifunctioning tactical tool that eliminates need to carry multiple tools and extra bulky gear.

The OG-1 reduces over-all personnel carry weight and provides life saving options when confront by operational challenges.

Reduces over-all total cost of ownership