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OS 100 Operational Multi-purpose Tool


The SERE (OM27-S) ® Operational Multi-tool has created a unique class of supportability through superior technology. The baseline for the product is measured by its interoperability in providing integrated performance based on its numerous sub-systems and components.  The OS-100 is strategically tailored as a platform technology and the foundation for Omni-generational support, augmenting the overall mission. This flexible capability is designed directly in support of (flight and ground),  mounted and dismounted military operations while simultaneously enhancing the survivability of the individual soldier and offering tactical advantage by optimum combined human/tool system performance.

SERE Industries (OS100) effects system performance by the development of  5th Generation principles which enhances Equipment Performance (PE), Human Performance (PH) and ultimately enhances System Performance (PS) simply stated: PE  x PH = PS.

The tools we use determine superiority or conversely precipitate marked complications.  The SERE OS100’s practical and pragmatic design equips each individual professional with a tool that plays a direct impact on the operators readiness, job production, personal tempo, and physical environment. Moreover, it’s a precision  platform that creates a fusion of tools that can be used, anytime, anyplace in multiple combinations.


A key human performance integration element emphasized with the development of the OS100 is that biomechanically, one tool will replace multiple pounds of gear.


The SERE OM27-S delivers multiple benefits, which create positive effects that result in achieving goals and objectives through greater capability. The simple SERE geometry and intuitive design offers unmatched diverse options during contingency movement. The tool draws from the warfighters resourcefulness in developing an ‘uncommon sense’,  by utilizing their outer resources such as their instinct and imagination. SII believes there is no limit to the number of possible organic responses yielded with the support of the OM27S when confronted by unpredictable situations and other exceptional sustained circumstances. The unique robust SERE tool offers a balance of optimized opportunity and time by redirecting hard to predict probabilities, instead of diverting them.

“Leveraging every ounce
 of the load”

20-in-1 Multi-Purpose Bar Designed With Superior Properties


A Biomechanical Example of Human Performance Integration

  • Influenced design for optimum combined human/tool system performance.
  • Ensured that tool system conforms to the capabilities and limitations of the operator, maintainer and other support personnel.
  • Improved control of the total life cycle cost of tool system.
  • Ensured system safety and compliance with health standards.