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The SERE  SDA 750 V

Expeditionary Modular Multipurpose

Battle Axe  (S-DA ) 750 V


10.5” Total head length on a traditional style bit axe blade on one end. Current configuration fits standard scabbards and axe racks. Anti-vibration & secure handling when connected to the SERE OS100 Multi-Purpose Bar.

* Picatinny rail / MIL-STD-1913 – Dove-tail connection for interchangeable rear Axe attachments



Diverse Strength

Angled Geometry for better cutting


All steel construction

Ultra-Modular Design



Originally designed for breaking down walls and doors, this tool can inflict severe damage to a soft or hard targets.

A.  Spanner wrench   

B.  1 1/4”Hydrant wrench

C.  Serrated teeth for pulling wire

D. 1 1/2 ” Hex Nut remover

E. 1/4 “ Female-Hex Bit Holder

F. 1/4 “ Fish Scaler

G. Notch for cutting rope /Cord /Canvas

* Rear of Axe allows for interchangeable components

•           Hammer

•           Adze

•           Pick / Pike Head

•           Mattock blade / Shovel Head

•           Log Splitter Axe /

•           Hoe / Hand Fork

•           Rake

Leveraging every ounce of the load-in and load- out

Patent Pending.

Balance point close to the axe head gives perfect balance and weight distribution. The center of gravity close to the axe head provides optimum weight distribution and makes for strength-saving work. This combination gives high penetration and power to the cut. Hammer function for an easy and effective use of splitting wedges. The pick function

 Long life due to the stainless-steel shaft protection/integrated handle-protection sleeve

 The long handle gives power to the cut.

 Comes with an edge cover in leather. 

 Sledge Axe multi-tool design

 This perfectly engineered range in proven designs is functional and robust with impressive durability.

 The SERE axe head is made of CPM 3V - steel and is inseparably connected with the handle. Properties of more consistent carbide structure at the blade edge and longer cutting endurance.

 Highly suitable for delimiting work

 The surface of the lower part of the OS100 handle is non-slip coated and therefore ensures a good grip when working.

 Very suitable for delimbing, also suitable for lighter splitting work, with integrated nail puller in the blade.

 Exclusive innovative design

 Embodies the tradition and sustainability

 Easy to carry design

 4”-inch razor sharp blade

 Built to perform in any environment or weather condition

 Breaching tool

 Shelter tool for a variety of Survival Situations

 Enhanced Functionality

 Black Oxide Finish