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( AMAST)™ & Multipurpose Shovel


The SERE Cervical Counter Weight (CCW 101)™ provides a principal foundation for a set of compound military mitigation issues involving head supported mass properties while delivering comprehensive component adaptations for enhanced capabilities. The framework of our research and development relied on a multifaceted approach to clarify the wide range of certainties that affect complex human performance during zero hour operations using Night Vision devices. To aid in the understanding we first calculated the current risks associated with NVG use vs. the opportunities to create positive stability. The design strategy was to engineer an absolute compliment (or take advantage) of the Helmet, NVG, and the resulting system attributes. Furthermore, this evolutionary system is a flexible method to address the uncertainties regarding the biomechanics of human performance, mass properties, center of gravity and moments of inertia. “Uncertainty is not always a negative to be mitigated; robust, versatile and flexible systems not only mitigate uncertainties, they can also create additional value for users.”

The SERE CCW’s ergonomic low profile and flush fit can be adjusted for the comfort level of the user as it correlates to the unique and dynamic variables presented by the mechanics of mass properties involving protective helmets and their various accessories. It assists in creating improved balance relating to the indefinite equations of motion, oscillation and force placed on the operator’s cervical-spine and linking muscles that are varied by individual anatomy and body types and index.

The evolutionary testing and design conducted by   SERE   over   the   last   6   years   created improved value and interoperability of the CCW. The result served as the foundation to deliver an innovative system that met the needs of the operator and provided for the attainment of new capability levels. As military helmet systems evolved,the amount of head supported mass (HSM) has steadily increased. SERE Industries main purpose was to address the impact of this increased mass, especially NVG usage, and deliver a revolutionary system that matched the helmet fit, improve performance of the soldier, and create a counter balance for load center of gravity (COG) during sustained operations. Our goal improve helmet stability (helmet gliding), neck load, neck pain, hot spots (pressure points), irritation/distraction,  muscular  fatigue,  and overall helmet comfort of military helicopter aircrew and all GCE during night operations. As a result the CCW improved endurance capacity in   the   neck   musculature   and   reduced   self- reported neck pain. ​

The 1.8 lbs is proportionally transferred evenly throughout the device and its curvature and creates an   ergonomic low profile and flush fit that is adjustable for the comfort level of the user.  The design correlates to the unique and dynamic variables presented by the mechanics of mass properties which are present in using protective helmets and their various accessories. The design improves balance while the operator is in motion and oscillating during missions. The weight displacement assists in relieving forces placed on the operator’s cervical-spine and muscles based on the masses present which are varied by individual anatomy and body types.

Today, musculoskeletal injuries to the knee and back prompt twice as many medical evacuations from Iraq and Afghanistan as combat injuries, and they’re the number one reason for medical discharge from the U.S. military. For foot soldiers, muscle and bone injuries always have been an occupational hazard. But piling too much weight on soldiers for prolonged periods can intensify the injury cycle, aggravating old muscle tears or cervical strains, and triggering new ones that never heal.

Scientifically Designed 15 -in-1 Multi-purpose Instrument

Precision Counterbalance to the  NOD -  NVG


Engineered for OPTIMAL  OPERATOR stability and performance. The CCW is a complete balanced weight displacement  tool.

SERE Industries is boosting battlefield capability, and situational awareness,  while reducing the operational pause, elevating precision, and increasing speed with commercially available technologies.

​THe SERE CCW was engineered to create balance within an imperfect complex set of conditions and activities measured when the NVGs were deployed. The focus was to create symmetrically useful multi-purpose contoured and displaced balance rather than a singular opposing weight. The proximity of the connection to the head and relevance of the CCW’s proportionate displaced mass has proven to provide greater stability and enhanced sustainability during NVG operations. The low profile contoured design is expected to further augment the center of gravity (CG), and moment of inertia (MOI) through its engineered configuration. The displacement across a broad section of the helmet provides relief from head-born equipment and relieves vibration through performance.