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OM500 SVBS Versatile Breaching System

The SERE OM500-(SVBS) is a modular super strength breaching and pry hammer, custom designed for multiple applications and assured mobility. The weight distribution on the (SVBS) makes for a very easy and expeditious swing, that allows for a faster breach during direct action and forcible entry.

The premium veteran design provides a tactical advantage by reducing the overall weight the operator carries while providing multiple capabilities to penetrate fortified steel, wooden, or stone doors, windows, walls and bunkers. The integrated action of the (SVBS), provides a continuum of operations in functionality but, equally as it efficiently connects and disconnects from other operating pieces of the SERE OM27-S equipment.

The SERE OM500-(SVBS) brings together the best of both worlds: the strike face of a sledge hammer with the prying wedge of a “Hallagan” tool, all in one revolutionary compact piece of equipment. 


This modular capability provides alternative options for cargo space so that it can be reliably maintained within all military mobility augmentation, including but not limited to JLTV/ULTV combat vehicles, and providing rapid force protection for for numerous Special Operations: SOF Tactical Urban Assault, Hostage Rescue  (HRT), Platoon level and Squad level Force Protection, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Fire Department, Search & Rescue, Disaster and Recovery.

"The SERE OM500 serves as a multipurpose tool. Instead of carrying a sledge and a huli all you need is one SERE tool. It has the head of a sledge and the back has the fork needed to pry open any door that a huli can. The weight distribution on the SERE tool makes for a very easy and fast swing that allows for a faster breach. I felt that I was able to hit with more accuracy and power than my previous experiences. As a lead breacher I know multiple scenarios in which the SERE tool would be more effective than the previous tools."

​SO1 Naval Special Warfare Command and Naval Special Warfare Group